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 Plus Software

We have two solutions we recommend from Plus Software Solutions – an Instant Dashboarding Solution called Snapshot and a Debtors Management and Cash Flow/Budgeting Tool called Cash Manager. Note – Cash Manager only works with Sage Evolution at this time, not ABM.

Let’s discuss Snapshot first:

Real Time Useful Business Analytics should be easy to get to, right?

The reality is that often it’s not.

Most of the time, unless you’re using some expensive Business Intelligence Tool, the business and executive information at hand is actually just not easy to get to.

In fact, you probably end up exporting the information (from Advanced Business Manager, or Sage Evolution) into MS Excel, then spending time sorting and delving, cutting and pasting, slicing and dicing until the data starts SCREAMING back at you. Sounds familiar?

Well, here at Nimtech, we’ve solved this “I need useful data now” problem (with Plus Software as a partner).

The second solution is Cash Manager, which also plugs directly into your business financials!

  • Improve cashflow;
  • Improve short and long term forecasting;
  • Improve debtor’s collection;
  • Easily communicate all outstanding debts to customers with the click of a button;
  • View upcoming supplier invoices and prepare approval reports to email to a supervisor in an instant;
  • Generate as many cashflow forecasts as required;
  • Forecast from budget over a 12 month range instantly with the click of a mouse;
  • No integration, copying or importing of data required – Cash Manager is interwoven into the core of your business accounting and financial system and reads data directly

It’s easy to see the value with Cash Manager and Snapshot because you can trial either (or both) at no risk:

  1. We install Snapshot or Cash Manager– it takes a few minutes and there’s no charge;
  2. We connect the software to your financial database;
  3. You view your data in a variety of dashboards across your entire business;
  4. Trial for 14 days!

And then you can decide to keep using or not

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