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Software solutions for sustainable business growth including inventory,
distribution, e-commerce, CRM, POS, mobile, reporting, MRP, ERP & more

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Nimtech offers both continuous support and post-live system implementation assistance called aftercare.


Nimtech’s software support services include new product installation, product updates, migrations for major releases, proactive and reactive on-site services, and custom application development support.

The support services we offer are technical support or break/fix services for all our various software products. Our support services options can be long-term technical support contracts/SLAs or short-term pay-as-you-go incident-based support. You can decide.

Our support services include remote troubleshooting via Teamviewer, on-site installation assistance and basic usability assistance. Our remote troubleshooting capabilities are delivered via telephone and a web-enabled application called TeamViewer.

Most of our support services are performed by our internal staff but may be delivered by a product vendor, a consulting firm or third-party software maintainers. Additional to our short-term and long-term support options, we also offer aftercare.


It is not over until it is over. Many software companies only focus on the go-live date. We also focus on aftercare.

Go-live goals are short-sighted strategies, and without planning for aftercare, these goals will create executive doubt, who in contrast, needs to champion and embrace organisational change and motivate users to do the same. Go-live is only a point in time, and subsequently, various phases will follow. These pain points need to be addressed and include among others: user adoption, internal and specialised external support, and a software growth/upgrade path.

Nimtech’s staff are adequately trained to support post-live aftercare.  We understand that we have one shot to put the right foundation in place with defined goals, solid planning, and a focused support strategy.  Without these foundational components of aftercare, the outcome will typically be a bad user experience, adoption issues and a high probability of project implementation failure.

To conclude, our aftercare and support services are superb, just look at some of our testimonials.

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