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Advanced Business Manager Stock Control Software

Advanced Business Manager inventory
John a doing stocktake on ABM at one of our clients.

Advanced Business Manager’s Stock Control Software increases product handling efficiency and management. Consequently, our expert consultants will help you use Advanced Business Manager (ABM) to manages multi stock locations, serial number tracking, as well as kitting, which is products made up of individual components and more…


Firstly, with the Advanced Stock Control module, the stocktake procedure in ABM is broken down into two steps called the stock organisation and stock entry steps. To clarify, this minimizes system downtime during the often tedious process of stocktake, as ABM’s stocktake process is quick and easy. Secondly, the stock figures can be imported from an Excel or Text file without interfering with your day to day operations. If you are skilled in Excel, a quick export and import can speed up the process dramatically and save days in time and money.

Do you want to set unique prices per customer?

With Advanced Business Manager you are able to store a virtually an unlimited number of special prices. For instance, you can create special prices for a specific customer or a group of customers while combining each product with the option to start and end the special prices on particular dates. Special tables can be maintained and consist of quantity thresholds, discount percentages or specified prices with optional start and end dates as shown below.

Setting up a special pricing table in Advanced Business Manager

Import supplier price-lists

ABM allows you to order stock in a fast, trouble-free way. In addition to using standard purchase order history and pricing, ABM also caters to importing supplier price lists for exact pricing information when ordering new inventory.

View stock movement

Similarly, visual graphs enable users to interpret critical information, while dynamic stock status updates automatically after each stock transactions allowing for realtime movement analysis.

E-mail product sales information

With the one-click e-mailing option, you can send promotional sales information, product pictures and links to related websites.

Advanced Stock Control reports

Subsequently, reports in ABM shows an up to date picture of the sales and gross profit for a selection of product lines or groups. For example, there are at least 40 reports a user can choose from for stock management alone.

Stock – Inventory – Product Mangement Reports in ABM

Kit sales

Assign components to a product. Pick a product, and display the parts, view the sale and cost price of the elements and the sale price of the kit product.

Serial number or batch lot tracking

ABM allows you to enter the serial number of a product at the point of purchase and to track it after that. Tracking also includes product ‘use-by-dates’.

Automatic price list update

Change prices quickly and easily. Select a product group and increase or decrease the rates by a percentage or amount.

ABM also handles…

  • non-diminishing stock
  • multi-location with minimums and bin numbers per location
  • a weighted average, FIFO or standard costing
  • maximum and minimum quantity levels
  • re-order and lead times
  • stock ageing analysis
  • visual warning of stock shortages
  • supplier rebates
Some of the stock management features

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