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Job and Project Costing with Advanced Business Manager

Advanced Business Manager Jobs
Advanced Business Manager Jobs

The Advanced Business Manager Job Costing Module allows you to invoice jobs to customers or track light manufacturing costs. In other words, our Job Costing module is more powerful than an invoice because you can associate more types of transactions to a project. For example, you can purchase an item directly for use in a job, or you can allocate employee hours spent on a job from the timesheet module. After that, you can also invoice Jobs on a partial or project milestone basis.

Therefore, with our Advanced Business Manager’s Job Costing Module, you can allocate costs and measure the profitability of jobs. Additionally, with no limit to the number of entries, users are free to archive them for estimation purposes. 

Our ABM’s job costing module provides service industry customers with job management to analyse cost, profit centres or split project progress and billing. Alternatively, you can also make use of user-defined stages with work types for progress claims and reporting.

Visual Clues and Warnings on Job Actuals vs Estimates

Likewise, if visual warnings appear on your job it is either overdue or has exceeded its estimate costs. That is to say, visual graphs allow you to immediately see your Job details and all the associated costs.

Job Costing and Charges

You benefit by seeing how automatic cost and charge calculations compares to estimates providing for effortless project management. The financial section of Jobs offers an overview of fees and expenses, offering a glimpse of a business’s profitability.

Job Costing Estimates, Quotes and Invoicing.

With ABM’s simple user interface and entry system, users can apply costs to a potential job to produce professional estimates or quotations. Additionally, creating job estimates can serve as an invoice basis or can divide detailed costs to show all the transaction lines or just an overhead grouping.

Retentions and progress claims

In the building industry, retention management is quite prevalent and as a result a tedious process. But with ABM job costing, this is made simple. Firstly, retention management is entered either while invoicing a job or in conjunction with the Project Invoicing of progress claims. Therefore, retentions and progress claims allow a user to select the amount or percentage of the project’s value to retain.

Job Costing Estimation Invoicing Flexibility

In ABM, it is possible to have many estimates per job. Each estimate can represent various versions or even different phases. Similarly, by using the brilliant project invoicing module your invoice flexibility is maximized. See below for an example screenshot of the Project Invoicing module.

Project Invoicing

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