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Ledgers For Debtors & Sales

ABM’s Sales/Debtors Ledger allows to you to manage the entire sales process, from the initial enquiry to the completed order. The workflow supported includes quotations, orders, deliveries, invoicing, returns, credits, customer statements, and detailed analysis and reporting. The Sales Ledger in ABM is at the very heart of your marketing efforts.

Follow up your slow paying customers and minimise bad debts with a comprehensive reporting facility. Sales analysis reports let you track employee performance, while customer sales graphs let you narrow in on your key clients and products/services.

Assign customers to account managers and negotiate special prices, enter those prices in and they are automatically used during sales. Store customer contact details through Microsoft Outlook integration and mark which customers are active or inactive prospects. Visual warnings let you keep an eye on customers exceeding credit limits, while customer enquiries let you check on aged balances.

Store any additional information in each customer account and customise invoice forms, using Microsoft Word or Crystal, to your own design.

Fulfilment wizard
Select orders for delivery/invoicing in a step-by-step easy process and automatically allocate stock to outstanding orders according to customer delivery rules. ABM also suggests orders based on previous transactions with a customer, particularly helpful with repeat orders.

With its Microsoft Outlook integration, emails can be sent directly from ABM containing orders, delivery advice, invoices and other documents inside a customer account. One-click emailing of promotional sales information, product pictures and links to related websites makes communication effortless.

ABM also handles…

  • automatic tax calculation
  • flexible credit terms
  • reproducing invoices
  • recurring invoices
  • forward dated invoices
  • flexible discount
  • management of quotations
  • currency for foreign customers


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