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The Advanced Manufacturing module is simple yet powerful software. It is packed with logic and makes it easy to control all the aspects of a busy factory. The module enables the manager to tweak and optimise each step of the critical chain with little effort.

This module is an extension of the Advanced Business Manager’s (ABM’s) standard kit component. It separates the manufacturing process into periods where items are transferred into Work In Progress and then into Finished Goods. Also, this software allows you to:

  • View each manufacturing process and accounting entry
  • Withdraw raw stock at the beginning of a manufacturing process, and reverse any unused inventory once done.
  • Allows changes to a BOM without affecting an ongoing production run that uses the same Bill of Materials structure.
  • Replace some components in a process if you need to, and then continue manufacturing with the new parts.
  • Forward plan with the material requirements feature.
Manufacturing Software
Advanced Business Manager Manufacturing

Manufacturing features

Bill of materials (BOM)

Firstly, our software allows you to maintain a detailed list of bills of materials. Secondly, the Boms can be a sub-assembly, labour or overhead. And finally, the intuitive user interface allows for quick BOM creation or manipulation.

Some of our main BOM features include:

  • Firstly, alternative production possibilities.
  • Record component wastage with “after-the-fact” changes.
  • Cost comparison on multi-locations stock and serial number tracking
  • Production previews including an integrated scheduler for workflows
  • Customisable BOMs at production time

Do you need extended production

Besides, to ABM’s standard Boms, extended production increases your ability by allowing additional work in progress manipulation. For instance, a factory run’s detailed costs can be entered against a work in progress accounts, until the stock is released. In short, the extended production feature is the most powerful features, and it offers complexity with flexibility.

Inventory demand analysis

In conclusion, all the system’s open sales orders and factory runs, stock shortages, as well as minimum stock levels, can all produce demand. For instance, you can analyse a product’s requirements by examining quotations, orders, or previous deliveries. Similarly, the examination of invoices and other production runs can provide recommendations for required work orders. In other words, our demand analysis feature is like a crystal ball.


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