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How do I email Customer statements in ABM?


I want to email statements to my customers in ABM. But how do I do this? In the video below, you will see exactly how to change the setting for emailing a client is set in ABM (Advanced Business Manager) on a per-customer basis. Alternatively, follow the email settings described below in the resolution section.

Quick video with instructions


To change the setting to email statements to my customers in ABM (Advanced Business Manager) on a per-customer basis. In other words, to check a customer’s current setting, open a customer record from the Customers list and under the Delivery Details tab, confirm the setting for Send Statements. To Clarify, if this is on Email, the email address visible in the Main Accounts Email field under Contacts will be the address to receive the statement.

Email statements to my customers in ABM

Reporting in ABM

All customers for whom you wish to set email statements are set in this way.

When you print the Customer Statements from Customer Reports, you will see a Send To option before starting the report. If this setting is on ‘Customers by Selected Method‘ those customers who are on the email setting will automatically begin receiving emails.

If you wish to send statements via a different method, even as a one-off, this can easily be changed. So, to accomplish this, change the setting in the Send To, just prior to running the report.

If you change this to a local or network printer and don’t click Save these Selections, this will be a completely one-off print. After that, the next time you run statements, the setting will go back to the original setting (email).

Note that when testing this feature, there is no confirmation box in ABM when you go to email statements. Therefore, as soon as you click Start Report, real customers will be emailed!

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