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Software solutions for sustainable business growth including inventory,
distribution, e-commerce, CRM, POS, mobile, reporting, MRP, ERP & more

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Welcome to our website. This page exists to offer you, hopefully soon one of our new ABM customers, a pdf copy of Advanced Business Manager Manual and Advanced Business Manager Service Manual.

The first few weeks of using ABM might be a bit demanding, as you will need to set up and learn about many different aspects of ABM including the ledgers and accounts, customer accounts, supplier’s accounts, and so on.

Before you start, it is a good idea to spend time gathering the information you require, as it can be time-consuming later editing individual records. The type of information you will require for suppliers or customers is name, address, opening balance, group, and so on.

You must register and unlock ABM if you want to use the software beyond the first month, or if you need extra user licences or modules. When you first open an Advanced Business Manager company database, you are presented with the Business Today console. ABM allows you to customise the appearance of your interface, for quick access to key data such as credit limits, account balance, and so on.

The Business Bulletin is a powerful tool which will help you analyse your Business. You can obtain information relating to the performance of your business and analyse under the following headings:

  • Sales Margins
  • Stock Turnover
  • Debtor Balances Analysis
  • Creditor Balances Analysis
  • Business Ratios

In Conclusion, the above is but a few snippets from the manual self. Above all the Advanced Business Manager Manual serves to assist you to navigate the software to learn how to best use it, or to research specific functions you might not be aware exist.

So, please feel free to download the manual, and if you have any questions or need help with setting up ABM, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will also upload a similar page that will describe the various add-on modules and switches available. These are structured into our site’s menus, but we will upload the PDF documents as well.

Our best way of contact is to complete the form on the right, alternatively, contact our office or email us at:

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